The Power of our Voice

My voice I have struggled with in many ways.  From telling my story to maintaining proper volume in class and everything in between, my voice has presented many challenges.  This morning I did not start my day as usual with chanting but rather with listening to a podcast I was interviewed for called DogsofWar.  The podcast was posted four days ago.  It took me fours days for many reasons, one being, I do not like the sound of my voice.  With this being said, I also have to mention that due to an injury sustained while on active duty, I am unable to gauge the volume of my voice.  This has presented many challenges over the years, and one which the practice of yoga has helped me immensely.  What Yoga helped me discover is different sounds I produce give off different vibrations in my chest and throat area.  The more soothing the vibration within my own body, the more pleasing to other’s ears.  Today as I trudged through listening to the podcast, I discovered that my voice has changed.  AS I continued to ponder this, maybe my voice has not changed, but rather the way I receive sounds has become different.  This may sound weird, however as I sit with the felt senses of different sounds, I came to this conclusion that my perception of sound has changed.  I no longer keep sounds in my head, but rather try and feel sounds.  Always asking myself what does it feel like to hear this.  I know that when I feel into my experiences, I gravitate towards living the wholeness of life and live life on a much deeper level.