Today’s practice reminded me of the life lessons of struggles.  To give a little background info, Sunday’s Lead Primary Ashtanga Series class started seated.  For those Ashtangies, this is not right or odd.  My teacher Heather Serna wanted to teach the class about breath and how to keep a steady and calm breath through out practice…so now jump forward to this morning.  After practice my teacher whispered great breath while giving me the ok sign and a big smile.  For those of you who know me, at this point my ego would normally run with this and it did but not as one might think.  I actually struggled with my breath the entire practice.  I think my motivation for most of the practice was to not get called out for my breath.  As I pondered this throughout my morning activities, my thoughts kept coming back to never give up, even when we struggle…for it’s the struggles that provide us the most strength.  Remember, “practice and all is coming”.