The lesson on breath came to me from one of my students.  Some mornings I have been teaching what I call Yoga Foundations…still working out the details, however I may go live soon with the class.  As soon as I go live, you can find the details at Yoga with Forest Group Class Schedule.

So after class, my student who has had some exposure to Yoga prior to this week, however he has been open to everything…Wednesday was a moon day, he listened to me talk about moon days and chanting, then proceeded to chant 27 Oms.  What struck me most was his ability to talk about his felt sense when prior to this week it had never crossed his mind about felt sense.  This morning I taught Sun Salutations and after class his comment was “when we started the Bs my mind went to “this is going to be hard” because it has almost twice as many movements as As, but he decided he was going to focus on his breath and when he did, he found the Bs were easier than the As.  Of course, I cue breath with every movement, however I did not mention anything about breath besides cueing breath to movement when demonstrating. 

Kind of profound I have learned about the breath or reminded of the breath twice…once by a teacher and once by a student.  Remember, “practice and all is coming.”