Keeping up a Yoga Practice During a Pandemic

Let’s face it, the last 10 months or so has been taxing on an individual yoga practice.  Prior to 3/15/2020 it was easy to say the least to find a yoga class offered in a local studio.  Here comes COVID-19, and bam no yoga studios are open.  A few are starting to offer Virtual and Live stream classes, but let’s face it the IT challenges for the first few weeks were exhausting.  I could blog for days about the challenges posed getting a virtual or life stream program/class running.  Students become frustrated and then disappear.  Classes that had up to ten participants, are now gone.  Larger classes than these, I struggle to see two to three students.

As I ponder these events over the last 10 plus months, I wonder what my students did to keep practicing.  For me it’s not an issue because with Ashtanga Yoga (Full Primary) you have a set sequence you follow every time you come to the mat.  Also, as a Trained Yoga Teacher, I am always teaching from the hip and have no issues teaching myself from the hip if I am not feeling Full Primary that day.

As I ponder this deeper, the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali come to mind especially the first one…1.1 Yoga is Now.  The first chapter of the first book of the Yoga Sutras is only three words.  Wow.  This is extremely simple.  Now the light bulb goes off.  I have heard many teachers say, “just breathing is practicing yoga”.

We tend to get caught up in making things grandiose.  Who doesn’t like to experience life in grand ways?  What I have found though is when I be, I find that just being human is grand itself.  So, any connection we make with the mind and the body is yoga practice.  It may not have the artful presence that a highly trained yoga teacher offers, however the standard of showing up will be met.  Remember, “practice and all is coming”.