Gratitude According to Forest

Thoughts on Gratitude

No, I am not going to tell you to be grateful for your enemies/misfortunes/etc…at least not for now. However, gratitude is something I use to attest to fat bottom girls doing. Gratitude truly makes this rocky world go round. After countless hours of practice of iRest Meditation/Yoga and maybe turning Nifty Fifty, I have come to this realization. Maybe these few thoughts I have decided to share may give you this same insight!

I know I am a slow learner, and it fits perfectly with my mantra of slow and steady, however this blog is about Gratitude. I have always thought/practiced gratitude as an emotion. About a year ago in my studies, I came across Gratitude being a frame of mind. I do not remember much except I believe the writer of whatever I was reading was stating Gratitude was more than an emotion but rather a frame of mind. I tried to fit Gratitude as a frame of mind and not an emotion and it just was not working for me. Of course, Gratitude as an emotion always made me feel like I was missing something.

Ok, so fast forward to Gratitude making this rocky world go round. I can say that every practice I share, Gratitude is a part of what I am sharing, both iRest and Yoga and every offering shared to me Gratitude has been shared, of course both iRest and Yoga. The more I practiced I realized that Gratitude was everywhere the pleasant sensations hung out and the opposite of Gratitude associated with those unpleasant sensations. This though, still left me somewhat empty. When I realized that Gratitude can simultaneously be felt while feeling any other emotion/feeling is when I realized Gratitude is what makes this rocky world go round. Gratitude is an emotion and a frame of mind both, thus making the sensation of Gratitude accessible anytime. When I feel opposites of feelings/emotions/thoughts my true essential nature comes through, and I start to realize everything comes and goes in life just as it is. What also can come and go is my sense of Gratitude, however by making sure Gratitude is a part of all offerings, it has allowed me to be aware when I am slipping away from Gratitude. This is very important for me, because I have also found that Gratitude has a felt sense of relief for me and no matter what sensation I am experiencing at the time I can feel this relief. Sometimes the relief from Gratitude is exactly what I need to help me keep my unshakable peace within this rocky world as it continues to go around.